UX Design & Prototyping

User experience can be view as a home’s floor plan. UX defines your consumers’ experience on your website, how users engage with the different sections and elements, and their journey throughout their digital visit.

For your website user experience to be intuitive, you’ll need to consider what your consumers want to find and where before you can really “decorate” your site. 

Think about the arrangement of spaces when designing a house and the utility of those spaces. Before furniture is allocated, you’ll need to know what activities will be done in which areas. The same goes for the website. Before it has colors and shades, images, and creative styles, you’ll need to define the user journey for consumers to complete the essential activities successfully.

Our websites are designed to be scalable in different markets with diverse audiences. We plan ahead, looking into future trends so that you can continue to experience great results even years after your website is developed.

Building and using a prototype helps the team to envision how the site will look and work. Since a prototype is a working model of the site, it also helps to test early on all the site’s main interactions and elements. The prototype also helps to answer crucial questions that will play into the creative and design success.

This process helps clarify critical questions before design. e.g., Does the menu structure and location follow a user’s mindset? How is related content linked? Where is the essential conversion content placed?

By working with a prototype, you get to thoroughly test how your website will work without making determinations about patterns and color of buttons or any of the graphics.

UX design & prototyping

We will first focus on analytics and research, then move onto creating a site map and finally determining the content strategy. All of these will lead to the first version of the site’s prototype.

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