Case Study Overview

Elite Tutoring Place

Elite Tutoring is a franchise group that focuses on expanding students’ academic skills with different curriculums taught online and at their physical locations. 

Business Challenges

How we helped

After perusing the business needs, we created a plan to solidify Elite’s digital presence.

Ali Pabarja - Elite Tutoring Place

↑ 133% More Leads

The finished website was much more than I expected! I am getting lots of positive responses from my customers also. I recommend Wild Fox to anyone who needs a logo, website, or any marketing needs.

Ali Pabarja / Elite Tutoring Place

Design and Development

  • Re-designed and developed a mother website with a modern design to reinforce brand perception
  • Developed individual landing pages for each location/franchise to acquire nearby clientele and build local presence

Content and SEO Strategy

  • Using a multi-domain strategy, we revamped all landing page content for the individual franchises to expand SEO performance and local visibility.

Information Architecture 

  • Restructure the content for consumers to easily understand the different services offered.
  • Created distinctive sections for clients looking for educational options and potential investors looking for information about franchises opportunities.


Through a well-planned execution, we exceeded our client’s expectations.

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