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Fasten App

Fasten App is one of the best Intermittent Fasting Apps in the market. We created a simple yet appealing fasting tracker for beginners who wanted to try out this habit.

Business Challenges

Getting to work

Wild Fox Consulting recruited a small team of key players to Co-Found this initiative. An opportunity was seen and the research showcased the need for a product like this.

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Creating and launching the MVP

We quickly put together a very simple app and launched it to market for free to acquire a high volume of users that could provide customer feedback

Monetizing the product

  • After gathering consumer feedback, we included new features such as hydration and mood tracking to make it more appealing to consumers.
  • We introduce a Freemium business model, allowing users to try out basic functionality for free and subscribe at a monthly premium to unlock all other functionality.

Improving retention rate

  • Pushed out relevant functionality to solidify value exchange.
  • Change monthly offering to yearly subscription to extend the user’s life time value.
  • Created a fasten Facebook group to keep users engaged, answer questions, and foster a supportive and social environment.


The App was sold within a year of launching the post MVP version.

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We design solutions that inspire trust and provide satisfaction. We keep the user in mind, the actions to be taken, and the best possible journey to accomplish their goal.

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