Case Study Overview

Sorpresitas’ founder came to Wild Fox Consulting with a vision to deliver Argentine candy, hard-to-found in the US, through a monthly subscription box.

Business Challenges

How we helped

Without a physical location, Sorporesita’s digital assets had the be top-notch to introduce the box concept to a skeptical audience, gain trust, and achieve stable conversions.

We put our team’s heads together, brought our client’s idea to life, and created an MVP level to prove the vision without requiring too much investment and time.

Sorpresitas Mobile Website

Website Development

  • Enabled e-commerce capability for consumers to transact on the website intuitively.
  • Developed a user-friendly portal for consumers to manage their subscriptions and easily order more.

Content and SEO Strategy

  • Designed a beautiful website that explained the subscription boxes and focused on highlighting the Argentine culture.
  • Produced a website that evoke nostalgia through animated images that provocatively displayed the chocolates.

Social Media Campaigns

  • Enticed users to share their “box opening” videos. Families and influencers came together; people loved to share their favorite childhood candy and memories.
  • Shared a series of product descriptions rich in history, culture, humor, and nostalgic childhood memories in Argentina serving as lead generation.


Sorpresitas Website
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