Mobile Accessibility

Well-developed Mobile-friendly sites serve a seamless browsing experience regardless of the screen size. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly pages, with enhanced speed, within their search results. Need we say more? 

Today’s world is all about mobile, and your business website needs to keep up.

Search engines like Google are based on the mobile user experience, even though most of the website traffic comes from desktop devices (which is normal for B2B companies).

Mobile accessibility Speedy page loads, user-friendly UX elements such as navigational options and responsive web design are all part of mobile accessibility.

We’ve been doing responsive web design and development for several years because user experience drives our work. On any computer or device, your content and brand personality should be equally successful.

It needs the vision to create mobile-friendly websites. How will the different elements on your site render on the various screen sizes? Are the menu and information be reachable to the user’s thumbs?

A mobile-friendly redesign doesn’t mean you need to build or go through additional rounds of innovative approvals for two different websites. Responsive web design will adapt every part of your website to the device that your visitor is using. 

Delivering the same experience for every visitor who arrives at your site regardless of their referral sources or the device used constitutes a good user experience. Having a desirable user experience always translate into positive business results.

Mobile accessibility in action

We strategize for each of our website projects with mobile users in mind right from the kickoff and initial content analysis with a team of designers. In addition, to ensure the perfect user experience is always achieved, all of the custom WordPress websites we create go through QA testing on multiple platforms. 
We understand the significance of SEO for the success of a website, and speed testing is also a significant part of our development phase.

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