Traffic Analysis

Who visits your website, and what do visitors do when they are there? Your website traffic data will surprise you even though you think you know your target audience.

Often times, we see websites that have been launched and forgotten, expecting the platform to do all the heavy lifting on its own.

Your website traffic data has you covered. Whether you are preparing topics for your company blog, suggest adding or deleting sites or searching for consumer feedback to schedule a smart digital advertisement campaign.

You can gain useful information about your visitors and your content with a simple understanding of data, gaining the opportunity to shift that knowledge into a strategy.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for traffic analysis that can help you find all sorts of unique data, such as:

  • How many pages of content are a specific segment of visitors viewing?
  • Is your mobile experience as powerful as that for desktop?
  • Which social platform is sending the most quality traffic?
  • Which pages are performing, and which have the highest bounce rates?
  • How much time did people spend reading your blog? 
  • How does your content perform with a specific persona?

Measuring website traffic data frequently will help you spot problems when they emerge to fix your site’s underperforming areas. 

Traffic analysis in action

In the kickoff data exploration process of any web design project, we conduct a full traffic analysis. 
We also conduct monthly traffic analysis reports for our customers as part of post-launch digital strategy support. We analyze the numbers for you and make recommendations based on what we find. We suggest combining reporting from Google Analytics with heat maps for a full view of your audience and website.

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