Speed Optimization

Speed optimization refers to how rapidly webpage loads in a browser. It seems relatively straightforward, but it has an immense effect on user experience and SEO.

On the one hand, you have to consider your user’s patience. We have a poor experience of accessing a website loading so slow that we get frustrated and leave.

A sluggish, clunky website reflects poorly on the professionalism of your company.

On the other hand, bounce rates, users quickly existing your site without engaging, are sent to search engines. Google’s modern algorithm puts more weight on site speed than ever before due to our online culture’s anxious nature.

Fast page loads are a meaningful part of the user experience and efficient web design. We are continuously honing our tools and abilities to stay on top of speed optimization.

With increasingly digital and mobile habits, consumers expect to find lightning-fast results. Optimizing speed allows you to achieve that ambitious target, lower your bounce rate, and have better page load times to increase your search rankings.

Multiple factors will impact site speed, such as the size and resolution of images used on each page, blog posts and services, and your overall site design. Moreover, the simplicity of your layout and UX design, the integration of your e-commerce and other marketing technologies, and any customizations that have been applied to the WordPress CMS can also influence site speed.

Speed optimization in action

At the end of the web development process, we conduct testing and speed optimization on our web design projects. To ensure flawless and fast load times, our deliverables are tested on multiple devices and screen sizes.

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