QA and Testing

Quality assurance, or ‘QA,’ is a good craftsman’s trademark that they pause to ensure their work performs as intended, and the quality is compatible with the vision at each point of the process.

QA is about evaluating efficiency and functionality up to a degree following both market and project objectives.

Strong QA goes beyond skin-deep; we continuously check and adjust the usability that makes the user’s experience smooth and intuitive, also keeping an attractive user interface.

We show you your site layout and navigation before we plan content and design mapping it a prototype. This helps us develop and evaluate the impact of features and tell us what to test to ensure that the deliverables meet all expectations.

Our process is designed to weave QA, through smaller deliverables and approvals, into every step. This decreases the time and energy necessary for the final QA round that occurs before your website goes live.

Quality assurance in action

Our team tests every possible feature of the staged site project during QA to ensure it looks and functions exactly like the approved prototype and designs. We monitor the site for responsiveness across various devices to ensure that all components appear and work correctly on different sized screens. 
We also check the usability of links, test navigation menus, and other information such as bullets and categories, and much more.

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