Deliver valuable content for your consumers, when & where they need it.

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The selection and ordering of website content into a functional and searchable site structure.

Having a logical, intuitive framework that makes it easy for consumers to find information is critical for search rankings and site success.

What sets us apart is the insights and strategic direction we provide by evaluating your brand’s presence, content, and gaps to define what’s needed to complete an optimal user experience that meets your business objectives.

Analyzing your content before a new build or redesign is like perusing your belongings before a big move. Some items are essential, while others are dead weight and need to be discarded following proper procedures. Some things will become new essentials based on updated business goals.

Good information architecture determines explicitly where the content lives and how each feature of the platform meets the general user expectations and project priorities. With minimum effort, visitors to your site should automatically know where things are and how to accomplish the activities they are there to do.

How we do it

Information architecture

We’ll help you deliver valuable content for your consumers, when & where they need it on their journey, using Google Analytics, a content analysis tool, and completing an SEO audit.

The content strategy and UX handoff documents, sitemap, prototype, and content collection tool are all deliverables and processes associated with information architecture.

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