Campaign Analysis

Do your digital campaigns work for you or do they have minimal results, draining the budget?

When evaluating the effectiveness of your email, advertisement, and social media campaigns, goes without saying that analysis becomes crucial.

In-platform analytics is useful for seeing how many clicks and views your ads receive and the audience’s specific demographics.

You can get a much better picture of how your campaigns work by using campaign monitoring in Google Analytics, and you can see all of them in one location.

Increasing visibility, traffic, and sales or leads objective behind running campaigns. We help customers gain knowledge about current campaign performance and strategy to make better choices on future ones.

You can display multi-platform campaigns with custom tags and compare their performance. To see how much money these are driving and their conversion rates, view the data on each social media site, email, video, and other promotions. 

On top of that, you can compare the audience’s insights at a glance: user profiles, interactions, devices, browsers, and other content consumed per session. When running a campaign, these insights will help you eliminate vulnerabilities, make improvements, and narrow campaigns down to the top-performing platforms.

Campaign analysis in action

We provide information on any ongoing campaigns and their success as part of our traffic analysis and SEO reporting during kickoff. Through our monthly digital marketing support engagements, we offer efficiency summaries with actionable feedback.

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