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Web design is the fashion portion of a website.

To achieve an efficient design, you need to consider user experience, interface, and website navigation.

An enticing mix of user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design attracts users to the expected outcomes.

Your website design directs your visitors’ actions when engaging with your content and is what brings them back time and again — turning them from visitor to customer.

Style is only decoration without a strategy. From typography and photography to what choices users see as they browse and what their mobile experience looks like, website design has Three crucial objectives:

  • Reflect your brand personality
  • Help people find what they need
  • Guide people through the buyer’s journey

Successful web design is influenced more by the audience and website data, SEO practices, and experience than by innovative and technical trends. The same strategy or trends are not effective for all websites, which is why our team will come up with creative decisions that come to be useful to your objectives.

How we do it

Web design in motion

We work closely together through the entire design process, making thoughtful decisions based on your target audience, customer data, analysis, and expertise.

Accessibility compliance, usability, and design are core elements of what our work is inspired on.

Our process will take the planning, designing, and approval of the site into digestible pieces for your convenience. We separate information architecture, content, and UI design into stages to help our clients focus on nailing each aspect of their web design.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Wild Fox founder and lead strategist Esteban Gonzalez manages a team that creates unique, purpose-driven, future-friendly web designs.

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