Sorpresitas’ founder came to Wild Fox Consulting with a vision to deliver Argentine candy, hardly found here in the US, through a monthly subscription box. “Sopresitas” – Little Surprises bring the best selection of Argentine candy to the consumer’s door step. Each month is different and a total surprise.

We put our team’s heads together, brought our client’s concept to life, and created an MVP level to prove the vision without requiring too much investment and time. 

Business Challenge

How we helped

With a clear vision from our client, we started designing and building the website where all the transactions and sales will occur. Without a physical location, Sorporesita’s digital assets had the be top-notch to introduce the box concept to a skeptical audience, gain trust, and achieve stable conversions.

Website Development
  • We designed a beautiful website that explained the subscription boxes well, focusing on bringing out the Argentine culture and making consumers feel at home while away.
  • We enabled e-commerce capability for consumers to buy the boxes and transact on the website easily and intuitively.
  • We enabled a user-friendly portal for consumers to manage their subscriptions or easily order more single boxes.
Content and SEO Strategy
  • We created a series of product descriptions packaged with history, culture, humor, and nostalgic memories of childhood in Argentina, driving consumers to the website to read more.
  • We designed the website to evoke nostalgia through animated images that provocatively displayed the chocolates. 
Social Media Campaigns
  • We created a series of product descriptions packed with history, culture, humor, and nostalgic memories of childhood in Argentina, driving consumers to the website to read more.  
  • We enticed users to share their “box opening” videos. Families and influencers came together; people loved to share their favorite childhood candy and memories.



Sales and revenue

Our content strategy at work

Through a nostalgic and creative content strategy, we quickly captured a niche audience’s attention and converted them into recurring clients of Sorpresitas.


5k+ followers
Organic Growth 

Our social media strategy at work

We developed interactive social media campaigns, of real people, sharing videos of the moment the Sorpresitas box was opened, with a quick story about their favorite candy.  


profitably sold 
Sustainable growth

Information architecture at work 

We built a sustainable and easy to maintain website with cutting edge infrastructure, which made sales, operations, and marketing efforts cost-efficient and successful. Sorpresitas was sold within seven months.