Elite Tutoring Place® has one goal in mind: to educate each child to the best of our ability within a safe and friendly learning environment. Elite Tutoring is a group of franchises that focus on expanding students’ academic skills with different curriculums taught at their physical locations. 

Business Challenge

How we helped

Design and Website Development

  • Re-designed and developed a mother website with a modern design to reinforce brand perception 
  • Developed individual landing pages for each location/franchise to acquire nearby clientele a start building their local presence

Content and SEO Strategy

  • We revamped the landing page content for the individual franchises to expand SEO performance and local visibility.

Information Architecture 

  • We restructure the content so that the consumers could understand the different services offered by the various franchises.
    We created very distinctive sections for clients looking for educational options and potential investors looking for more information about the franchises.



SEO strategy at work

We accomplished a drastic increase in lead generation through our SEO strategy to gain local visibility and build trust within the community.


new clients

Information Architecture at work

By restructuring all the content and user journey on the website, we made it easy for visitors to find the different classes and test preparation offered by Elite. Students could quickly sign up for future sessions.



Website design at work

We achieved a powerful shift in brand perception from potential consumers. The new website design projected professionalism and care for future Elite’s students.