Your careers website is the foundation of your organization’s recruiting efforts.

Data shows that about two-thirds of job seekers visit a company career page after learning about a job opening. Career pages have become a determinant factor for companies hoping to attract the best talent for their business.

The ability a careers website has for converting visitors into applicant is crucial for reducing cost and rapidly supporting business functions. The average career website page converts at around 18%, this means that your site’s quality will directly influence your ability to get more potential hires applying.

In this article we share some best practices to integrate in your HR website design project and achieve higher conversion rates, outstanding performance and prevent high exit rates from job seekers.

4 website must haves

These are absolutely needed for any Careers website design.

Good to have

These factors will make your career page stand out.

Perks and Benefits

53% of employees report that perks increase their professional satisfaction, which is why we suggest you feature non-financial benefits like flexible PTO, generous paternal leave policies, and flexible volunteer days to set you apart.

Bonus Content

These can be employee testimonials or quotes, company awards, headquarter building perks and location, special training provided, or subcultural values such as business resource groups available within the company.

Other content to consider for your website

Have you thought about what to include on your website if you aren’t currently hiring? Growth is not steady, and there are definitely some spurts and waves. When hiring is low, it is still essential to maintain your brand presence by delivering an informative career page.

What you should do

Some companies are doing a fantastic job with their careers website design and content.

Here are our three favorites:

  1. Airbnb: Their career page gives an inspiring yet clear mission statement. It explicitly describes the type of employees they are seeking while providing a sneak peek into how life as an employee will be.
  2. TaskRabbit: The career page does a fabulous humanizes the organization with images of the founders and their dog while describing its values and who they are as an organization.
  3. Netflix: Goes right into showcasing their job openings, allowing quick filters by category or interest. The Netflix culture section is super engaging, leveraging their unique video content to explain their culture and why it separates them from the typical company.

Here at Wild Fox, we can help you build a best-in-class careers page packed with innovation and digitalization for your hiring process. Learn more about our HR and Careers website design services.


As you can see, a useful career website must have much more than just search and submission features. It must provide insights into the company’s culture, vision & mission, additional perks and act as an extension of your corporate site personality.
The look and feel and content choices for the careers website must be captivating to a visitor and evoke a desire for action, in this case, an application or submission. Implement these tips, and start turning visitors into applicants quickly.
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