Case Study Overview

ISD Health Solutions

ISD Health Solutions is the #1 Caribbean supplier of Sleep Therapy, CPAP machines, and supplies. Over the past 15 years, ISD has positioned itself as the leader in sleep solutions by making available to the Caribbean the latest in sleep technology. We’ve been working with ISD since 2014 to improve their digital presence and create efficiency in their processes.

Business Challenge

Strategically Digitalized ISD

After assessing their technical and marketing needs, we immediately went to work. The goal was to strategically digitalize the business.

How we helped

With multiple locations in the Caribbean, being affected by COVID-19, ISD decided to double down on its investment in technology and reached out to refresh their website and bring in e-commerce capabilities.

We assessed their needs and quickly realized that we needed to optimize the way ISD acquire and process leads. We devise a plan that included the services listed below.

Website redesign

  • Taking a mobile first approach, all website pages were restructured entirely and optimized to provide the best customer experience.

Content strategy

  • All the content of the website was entirely re-built to ensure conversions. 
  • We created a series of educational pieces to generate cost savings in time and personal resources allocating previously to answering general questions in 1:1 meetings with clients.

Marketing & Acquisition

  • Facebook marketing campaigns to increase leads and visibility
  • Email Marketing Campaigns to boost acquisition and retention


Through strategical digitalization, we were able to see positive results from our work very quickly.