Case Study Overview

Fasten App

Fasten App is one of the best Intermittent Fasting App in the market. The team created a simple yet appealing fasting tracker for Intermittent fasting beginners who wanted to try out this habit. Intermittent Fasting was becoming very popular due to the outstanding health benefits and positive weight loss results.

Business Challenge

Solving a relevant problem for consumers. 

After doing discovery work, we created an MVP level app to prove the point, quickly followed by functional and design iteration, and finally, a monetization model.

Getting to work

Wild Fox Consulting recruited a small team of key players to Co-Found this initiative. An opportunity was seen; the research showcased the need for a product to track Intermittent Fasting, making it easy for beginners to understand what, when, and how to create this new healthy eating habit and keep it up. 


Creating and Launching the MVP 

  • We quickly put together a very simple and app and launched it to market for free to acquire a high volume of users that could provide customer feedback to understand if there was a need for this product and if people would eventually pay for it.

Monetizing the Product

  • After gathering consumer feedback, our design and functional offering was revisit. We included new features such as hydration and mood tracking to make it more appealing to consumers.
  • We release a second version of the app with a FREEMIUM model, allowing users to try out basic functionality for free and subscribe at a monthly premium to unlock all other functionality.

Improving Retention Rate

  • We pushed out new relevant functionality to solidify consumer’s value exchange from a subscription.

  • We change our monthly offering to a yearly subscription at a discounted price to extend the user’s life time value.

  • We created a fasten group to keep people engaged, answer questions, and foster a supportive and social environment.


Through a strategical approach to carry out a new product to market, the App was sold to a larger Wellness Enterprise within a year of launching the post MVP version.