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In one day you will have a website that is:

  • Well designed and maximizes your brand
  • Intuitive for your customer base
  • Easy to managed and update for your team

The web development process is complicated and could become a long tiresome process. We have crafted and refined a unique “One Web A Day” experience, where you are engaged in the entire design and production process. We aim to simplify and make sure that at the end of the work day, you have a finished, functional, great looking website.

We are a small team of experts in web design, development, graphic design, copywriting, and Internet marketing. We create websites that are clean, creative, and maximize your brand. Then, we put you in the driving seat, and we teach how to manage, grow, and update the entire site on your own.

How It Works

  • Free Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation will consist of a Q&A session where we are going to answer any questions you may have and provide you with professional advice. One we are done we'll explain how to move forward and schedule a production day.

  • One Web a Day Experience

    We get to work! We hold a short pre-production meeting and then we dig right into development with a previously pre-approved sketch. When we are done, we review and put final touches and we are done! Your website is live!

  • Website Training and Next Steps

    Once we are done with your webiste, we will train you on how to continue to update and grow your website. We'll also talk about Search Engine Optimization and how we can help you with this as well



8 hours of design
Build your website
Website training
Collaborate via video
Enhanced Security
Retina Display Ready


e-commerce website
8 hours of design
Website training
Collaborate via video
Enhanced Security
Retina Display Ready







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How soon can I be scheduled the initial consultation and production day?

Your initial consultation will be scheduled within three business days. The production day will be worked out during the consultation call, and will depend mostly on the time needed from your side to prepare the material mentioned on the “How it Works” section

What is an informational site?

Information sites are website that are composed mostly about written information and pictures. These types of sites are simple and don’t display any robust applications to the customer to perform specific tasks. Informational sites display similar content as a brochure.

I need to provide the content for my website. Is there a limit on the information I can display on my site?

Yes, we can create sites that contains up to 4 pages of information. Exceeding pages will have an additional charge.

What if I do not have the content and don’t know what to write, can you help me?

Yes, we can write the necessary content to display on your website for an additional charge of $250 per content page.

What is a site map?

The website’s sections and subsections are referred to as a Site Map. Is how the information is laid out for display.

How do I define the sections and subsections of my website?

Here is an example:

    1. Standard – Welcome section
      1. Purpose of website
      2. Attention grabber
      3. Showcase main services or products
    2. Business Overview
      1. Core values
      2. About us
      3. Story
    3. Product or Service
      1. Full description of product or service
      2. Pricing
    4. Call to Action
      1. Contact information
    5. Additional Sections May be Created
      1. Frequently asked questions
      2. Picture gallery
      3. Case studies
How to gather my domain management information and what is needed for?

What we need is your account username and password for the company where you register your domain with. Example: If you have your website registered for example with GoDaddy we will need your account username and password. We need this account access information to modify the DNS and point your domain to your new website.

What is an e-commerce website SSL Certificate and why do I need it?

For most e-commerce sites, you absolutely need an SSL certificate!  As an online merchant, it is your responsibility to make sure the information you collect from your customers is protected. This will shield you and your customers by making sure that no one can intercept and misuse their credit card information.

  • Using an SSL certificate provides two important things:
    • Encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal information
    • Some assurance to your customers that you are trustworthy (the process of getting an SSL certificate can’t guarantee this, but it can make it more likely which is part of the reason why visitors have this perception)